Saying Goodbye to My First Garden

Saying Goodbye to My First Garden

It’s been a pretty hectic few months since the beginning of April. I recently started a new job that takes over an hour to get to every day and the drive started taking a toll. So we decided to move! Moving is always irritating but I wouldn’t mind it so much if I didn’t have my garden to part with. Unfortunately, taking every plant with me and in perfect condition is impossible so saying goodbye is going to be tough.

With work keeping me busy, I’ve even struggled to keep up with my blogs (hence the break for a week and a half between posts). I tried running to the backyard as soon as I got home, usually around 7 pm, to check over everything and water the plants before the sun set but some days were just too long and I was too tired and my plants suffered. One of my tomatoes ended up losing half of its foliage because it was suffering from transplant shock and I didn’t get a chance to take a look at it for 5 days. Thankfully, it’s all better now and even putting out flowers but I hate seeing them struggle.

Once we realized we were moving, I made a plan to take everything with me – raised beds, soil, supplies, and everything. Obviously, this plan didn’t last long. Soil is hard to move and taking the beds apart would be more trouble than they’re worth. And trust me, they’re worth a pretty penny when you’re working an entry-level job and trying to pay off student loans.

It was even sadder looking at the plants that I had sown recently and realized that I wouldn’t be able to care properly for until they reached maturity, and then realizing that my planting season was being completely interrupted during its peak. I ended up telling myself to continue as normal – I sowed carrots, spinach, broccoli, marigolds, nasturtiums, and basil in the new raised bed, knowing that they’d probably be growing for the new family moving into our house.

Some other plants were also sowed in the old raised bed, like my bell peppers, but I had made my peace with parting with them. I just wanted to enjoy planting them and seeing them come up while I could. I will, however, be crying about my garlic during the entire move. I planted them last October and I’ve been waiting months to see how they turn out, and now I never will.

For a couple of plants, I decided to make adjustments. My tomatoes I decided to plant in containers. They take up too much space in a garden bed anyways, and they’ll be in the middle of their growing season during the house move so I couldn’t part with them, especially since I started them from seeds. They’re doing perfect now, all setting flowers and looking promising for the summer, and I hope they can go through the house move alright. The one crop I might not get to this summer are zucchinis. I had bought seeds in January when I was planning the summer garden, and I think they’ll be a bust for this season. Sad, but I have high hopes for the seeds for next summer.

If you follow my Instagram (and you should!), you’ll also know that we have flowers and other plants throughout the garden that I’ve put a lot of work into. Out of all of them, I’ll miss my irises the most. They’re my favorite flowers and I transplanted two rows of them last summer. One bloomed early this season but I’m afraid I won’t even get to see the others make their debut. I just hope whoever moves in has a bit of a green thumb because I like to think that they won’t be completely abandoned once I leave.

I started a few transplants last weekend of some plants that are easy to propagate and that I want to take with us – two rosemaries that grow without any effort on my part, and four Spanish lavenders that have done extremely well where we live. I do prefer English lavenders but the only one we had has struggled since we got it a couple of years ago.


Hopefully, the transplants will take by the time we leave and I can get these started in their new locations as my first gardening project in the new house. I will also, of course, be continuing my vegetable garden. I’ve already started plans for it, building off of what I’ve learned over these past few months, and I’m looking forward to how it’ll all turn out!

Raised Garden Bed | Vivi's Garden
The final raised garden bed

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